Specified Commercial Law

store information

Shop name Mifuku Ahn
Dealer Kawahara Food co.ltd
Sales manager Kawahara Hirohide
Address 701-1, Kawasoemachi Nanri, Saga-shi, Saga, 840-2205, Japan
Tel 81)0952-45-1234
FAX 81)0952-45-1233
mail address shopmaster@mifukuan.co.jp
URL https://mifukuan.co.jp
Product Yuzugoshou(Citron pepper),
YuzuKaju (Citron Juice),
Kind of pickled, fermented fish
Kind of pickled leeds
Licensing qualifications Designated by Saga prefecture, side dish making industry, #012007110298
number of sales Amount of the product on site is only available on the internet. It can be different from the real amount of product in warehouse. Stock will be secured when we send you a notifying message. If you want to know exact stock, please use our 問い合わせ button.
The necessary fee except commodity price ) Except special cases, price will include taxes. Shipping, packaging, collect on delivery and remittance's fee is paid by customer. Please order after check the money on the 'Shopping Cart'.
Shipping and packaging fee will be different by distance and area.
Company will offer free shipping, in case of order upper than 10,000¥.
※ We are trying our best on shipping. However, for the safe of product, we sometimes divide the boxes even in one order. (In this case, extra charge will occur.)
Expiration  date of the order Please send money within 7days from order. If we can't check transfer, your order can be canceled.
Delivery time We will ship within two business days from the next business day of our confirmation from the payment of your order. In case of warehousing of goods delayed, or sold out, we will send you e-mail which informs you expected date.

About returning back and defective products

Returning date, condition Returning is only available within 7days from receive. Since company's product is food, you can't return it after open. But if you received defective, we will exchange into new one.
cost of return In case of customer's situation, you have to pay for the postage. But case of defective, company will pay for this.
defective If we check the defective, we will exchange into new one or same one after checking our stock.
Please inform us with mail or phone, within 7days. It is impossible to exchange after 7days passed.

About payment

How to method Bank transfer (prepayment) cash on delivery (at arrival payment) post office transfer (prepayment) credit card payment
Please choose according to your favor
Payment deadline Bank transfer: will be shipped after payment is confirmed.
COD: Please pay when the commodity arrives towards the courier company.
Postal transfer: will be shipped after payment is confirmed.