private information


We also know that how important private information protection is. And we believe that usng information properly and protection is social responsibility. So we promise you to do our best on protect your private information.

Definition of private information
Private information is about private and which enables to distinguish person to person. For example, name, date of birth, sex, phone number, email address, occupation and so on.
About collecting private information and using
We only collect limited private information for goals below.

We will collect and use personal information provided voluntarily by the customer. In case of customer provide information, company will follow own rule on information. If customer doesn't agree to company's rule, the company can't use customer's information.
  • Work needed to provide the ordered product
  • When we consider something as good for customer, we will send a mail, such as news of product.
  • Company can ask your information necessary to work. To check your order and improve our service
  • Various inquiry responses.
Giving information to third person.
Company will not offer information to third person without legal reason. At the same time, to provide information, we have to get your permission.
supervision on the proxy
Company can consign some part of information to service. In that case, we can supervise our proxy to check treating your information properly or not.
Supervision on personal information.
To prevent loss, leakage, distortion of information, company has informational manager. We are trying to make given information safe, new and proper.
Check, modification and delete of information.
If you prove yourself to us, company will act properly and fast, when you want to change or delete your information.
About security
Our purchasing system is protected by ベリサイン(very shine) company. Data which is typed on the net will be sent safely by SSL coding communication.