Our goal is to live together with environment.
We contribute to prosper of society and creation of culture.

our founder

Mifuku hermitage's *Yuzugoshow.

When you taste our Yuzugoshow, it will stimulate your five senses. And the taste which is carefully developed by us will overflow in your mouth.
Producer's sincere mind is succeeded for a long time.
Our own factory is very close to ingredients to produce fresh products. And our factory has high technologies which make our product best.
50 years has passed since we started to make Yuzugoshow. And this history will guarantee you the faith and trust.

More flavor on your table.
Our Yuzugoshow is no more than supporting one.
Our main goal is not to hinder main taste. But to make each other tastes well and harmonious.

*Yuzugoshow is made from mainly citron peel and lots of spices. It can be also translated into citron pepper.